Jeremy Overturf is a successful business owner in Southwest Florida, a best selling author, and a Ziglar Legacy Certified speaker and trainer.

Jeremy has personally been trained by Howard Partridge, Kyle Wilson (Jim Rohn’s business partner of 18 years), and the Ziglar family over a period of several years. He has also received in-person, in-depth training from such greats as Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, John Maxwell, Michael Gerber, Ivan Misner, and Darren Hardy.

His story is one of overcoming adversity to business and personal success.

From beginnings of poverty in rural Illinois, being homeless in St. Louis, Missouri, starting a company with no money, to a life of smoothly running, profitable companies, happily living close to the beach in beautiful Southwest Florida.

From being raised in a cult to finding freedom as an adult but being shunned by family.

His stories will make you laugh and they will make you cry, but his is not a tragic tale. It’s a tale of hope and of inspiration. A tale of triumph and motivation. Jeremy’s goal is not to just load you with fluff though. His success didn’t come by accident or by a lucky break. Jeremy has spent years of his life dedicated to learning success principles and business strategies. Now he considers himself lucky enough to be able to pass some of this on to others and see positive results in their lives.

So if you connect with his style, stick around. He’s got lots of stories to tell, some gems he’s discovered to pass along, and hopefully something that will help you on your path.

If you don’t like what you hear, that’s ok too. Just stick on the road of personal development. It’s a lifelong journey that brings rich rewards. Never stop learning.