The Power of a Good Question

What is the BEST question you asked this week?

Who did you ask it to?

Did the response surprise you?

A good coach isn’t someone who knows all the answers. A coach is someone who asks the right questions to help us pull the answer out of ourselves.

Why am I talking about coaching? Relax, I’m not going to try and sell you coaching services. But I do want to sell you on becoming a coach. Not a life coach or a business coach, but a coach for your children, employees, sometimes even your spouse.

How can you have this kind of influence with someone? You probably already do, but you may need to polish your question asking skills. Sometimes we even ask the right questions but when the person hesitates in their response we hurry up and bail them out. Next time, ask the question and just be quiet for a little bit. It may get a little uncomfortable but wait and see what happens. If you need to reword the question that’s one thing, but don’t jump in and answer it for them.

What kind of questions should you ask? Don’t just ask a yes or no question. If you do, there’s usually no where to go from there after it’s answered. Did you have a good day at school today? Pretty much an open invitation for a shut down response from your teenager.

An open question is best, one that requires a little thought. When you don’t get an instant response it doesn’t always mean they’re not paying attention, they might just be thinking. Think about how you can ask a better question.

Until next time, have a great week and ask some great questions. The answers might surprise you and lead to some really interesting conversations.



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