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Google Adwords: Secrets Exposed

Jeremy is the co-founder and president of an award winning service company. He has developed an online marketing strategy to compliment their other marketing efforts that averages an 8 to 1 return and is often higher.

In this book, Jeremy outlines his thinking process when setting up his Google Adwords campaigns, and gives some valuable tips that many online marketers are hesitant to share.

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Phen success bookPhenomenal Success Stories

This book tells the story of 9 successful business owners including Jeremy and his wife Stefanie. Theirs is a story of ups and down, trials and triumphs, with a theme of not giving in. They started with zero and on the verge of bankruptcy to having one of the leading carpet and floor care companies in the state of Florida.

While success is simple, it’s not easy.

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passionistasPassionistas: Tales, Tips and Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams

Jeremy’s wife Stefanie is a contributing author on this best-selling title with 39 fellow founding, unstoppable, boss babes.

This book is not just a compilation of feel good, life has always been great, here is my best day on social media stories. No, what you are about to read are some very gritty, from the heart, often born out of adversity, stories that promise to inspire and make you better!

See where your heart takes you. See if you see yourself in the women sharing their struggles, their victories, their lessons. You will be moved! You will be lifted up! You will be inspired!

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Marketing to Senior Citizens


This 11 part video / e-book course will have you capturing one of the fastest growing and wealthiest segments of our population: the senior citizen market!

That’s right, the baby boomers are retiring, people are living longer more active lifestyles, and more of them have more disposable income then ever before. Learn from Jeremy and Stefanie and the techniques they use to cater to this niche market.

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Success Habits

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful and some aren’t?

Do you want to finally eliminate your bad habits and form new and good habits instead?

Everyone wants to be more successful in their life, but actually knowing how to take the steps needed to achieve that success can be mystifying. Even when you understand what is required, it can be extremely challenging to take action unless you know where you are going.

The good news is, you can get this incredible step by step video and e-book course “Success Habits” and access it instantly from your computer.

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